Eczema and Homeopathy

It is estimated that one in ten people in the UK  have been diagnosed with Eczema, it is a very distressing non contagious inflammatory condition of the skin, symptoms range from red itchy skin with blisters, cracks, weeping sores, but this is just the physical symptoms, patients often suffer with low self esteem, low confidence, often they are sleep deprived, depressed and at the end of their tether by the time they seek homeopathic treatment.  We often get patients that have tried all sorts of conventional treatment which hasn’t worked for them (including myself).  There is light at the end of the tunnel, as Homeopathy has so much to offer!

The medical dictionary lists lots of types of eczema; Atopic, Seborrhoeic, Discoid, Contact Dermatitis, Pompholyx (Dyshidrotic), Asteatotic, Gravitational (Varicose), Eczema Herpeticum to name but a few.  I intend to go into each of these in future blogs.  All of which have a profound effect on the individual suffering with eczema and their families.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been around for thousands of years, it is recognised by the World Health Organisation and practiced in most countries including the UK. Homeopathy treats the whole person, taking into account the persons mental and emotional health as well as their physical health, therefore it treats the whole person and the way an individual displays the disease rather than the disease itself.

Homeopathy is a powerful system of medicine which is suitable for all the family, babies, mums to be, even highly sensitive people, it can be taken along with conventional medicine or used as an alternative medicine.  It is holistic, pleasant to take, non invasive, not tested on animals but on willing humans, and animals respond well to homeopathy too.

Conventional treatment is normally along the lines of steroid creams in different potencies and immune suppressants, which work against the body, when treatment is stopped, the patient often gets worse as the body gets used to the suppressive treatment whereas homeopathy is different. Homeopathic medicine works with the body, once health has been restored there is no need to keep taking the medicine. Also patients often remark on the feeling of wellness once they start homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy is a gentle yet powerful medicine that can treat the most severe of skin infections, it can calm allergic conditions, relieve itchy skin, soothe a nervous disposition, and lift depression, through a system of medicine that treats each patient as an individual. Why suffer?

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