Here are some of the questions new patients often ask;


What can Homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy is different to conventional medicine, in that it treats the whole person, the patient’s emotions, personality and the way they display their illness are all taken into account when selecting their treatment. Therefore, homeopathy can treat most conditions, with the exception of broken bones, however, once they have been reset and in place we have remedies that will speed up the healing process.

Three patients, all with a diagnosis of Eczema would be treated as individuals, and after careful casetaking from the patient, would probably need different remedies, for example, one person could be shy, with blistery skin, that gets worse with her periods, one patient gets weepy eczema in the winter and tends to be outgoing and enjoying parties and socialising, the last patient could be very into nature, love animals but is often dominated by others and her skin could be dry and cracked. This is what I love about homeopathy, each patient is an individual, not a named diagnosis.

Are Homeopathic remedies safe?

Yes they are, they are extremely diluted and succussed which removes all the toxic effects and leaves only the healing qualities of the medicine. However, they are also very powerful, to be able to administer them at high potency requires professional training. You can buy a few select remedies from good pharmacies but only at low potency, professional homeopaths have access to around 3,000 remedies at different potencies.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the illness, its severity, how long you have suffered with it and your general vitality. In general most people take a month for every year they have suffered, however everyone is an individual, and heal at different rates. Babies and children tend to heal very quickly whereas an older person may take longer.

What are the advantages of Homeopathy?

Suitable for everyone, babies, pregnant women, even the most sensitive of people.

Pleasant to take

Non addictive

Can be taken along with conventional drugs

Can be used as an alternative to drugs with no side effects

Once healed there is no need to keep taking the remedy, unlike conventional drugs that may need to be administered for years.

Not tested on animals but on willing humans

Animals respond well to homeopathic medicines.

How long does a Homeopathic consultation take?

Please allow up to an hour and a half for your first consultation, this will allow you plenty of time to tell your homeopath all about your health, your symptoms, your response to stress and your individuality. Your homeopath will ask you about previous illnesses and family diseases too. All this will help find the correct treatment for you.

What does a consultation cost?

The cost for Adults is £50 per appointment and

The cost for Children (Up to 16 years) is £30

There is no extra charge for your remedies, they are included in the cost.









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