Anxiety and The Corona Virus

Many of us are living through uncertain times – with lock down; the fear of the Corona Virus, uncertainty about how long this will go on for, the global effect, how our lives have suddenly changed.  Many have lost their jobs and are worried about finances.  Some are living alone with no physical contact with others.  This can cause some level of anxiety – especially if they are prone to feeling anxious.

Some people revel at being at home, stepping back from the hustle and bustle of a highly stressful job.  With all this new found time at home and being able to reconnect with their family, plenty of people are able to take some much needed down time.  Letting life slow down a considerable amount and enjoying life’s simplicities.  They find themselves able to work from home or take time off with full pay.

However, others become anxious and worried.  Not knowing how long this period of lock down will last with no routine, less money or maybe even loss of employment.  Throw in isolation from loved ones, fear of contracting and/or dying from the virus – its no wonder some of us are feeling worried.

We all cope differently in these uncertain times, and this is where homeopathy is so interesting and has so much to offer.  It is the second favourite complete system of medicine used worldwide, available to all and can be used alongside conventional medicine.

Homeopaths look at how people respond to stress and find a suitable similar homeopathic medicine, which has a symptom picture similar to how the patient is responding.  We have thousands of remedies available that can address these feelings of anxiety and bring back a healthy state of mind.

The typical symptoms of anxiety are; tension, restlessness, nervousness, loss of appetite, sleep difficulties, sweating, difficulty concentrating and a racing pulse.  This can then lead to extreme fear and phobias.  If left untreated, anxiety can cause panic attacks – which can lead to difficulty breathing, palpitations and chest pain.

You will need the help of a professional homeopath to treat chronic anxiety, but here I have listed a few remedies to help – and there are thousands more!

Aconitum Napellus (Acon)

No 1 remedy for anxiety – these people have a tremendous fear of death, panic disorders and are absolutely terrified and frantic.  You can literally see the fear in their face,  they are shocked by the pandemic and fear that they or their loved ones will die from the virus.

Argentum Nitricum (Arg-Nit)

This is for very emotional people who are happy one minute and then very sad and upset the next.  They may be pacing up and down, irritable and hurried or impulsively walking around, struggling with being on their own.  There could be a fear of hospitals and history of claustrophobia as well as fear of the virus.

Arsenicum Album (Ars-Alb)

This is suitable for people who are very tidy and organised at home and at work.  They may be bleaching and sterilising everything around them with an extreme fear of infection and disease.  They may be anxious about their and their loved one’s health, be very restless and fidgety but get comfort from order and tidiness.  These people like to be in control.  They may fear loneliness, worry about money, and feel despairing about the situation.

Gelsemium (Gels)

People who require this remedy are literally paralysed by fright.  They may be weak and trembling, be very frightened and have fatigue.  They are typically forgetful with dullness of thought.  Their fright paralyses them making them sit down and worry.  They may be despondent, trembling with fright and can’t sleep with worry.

Ignatia (Ign)

Ignatia is one of our big grief remedies, for those who are perhaps in a relationship but separated from their partner.  These people are generally very emotional about not being in contact with their loved ones.  They can be romantic, sensitive, upset or hurt.  They may be hysterical and unable to cope with the separation.

Kali-Phosphoricum (Kali-Phos)

With this remedy there is a tendency to feel nervous, sensitive and overwhelmed.  They may feel mentally exhausted, made worse by watching the news.  These people may feel unable to cope and be despondent.

Stramonium (Stram)

The main tendency with Stram is fear with rage.  Those that need this remedy may have anger issues at the current situation, they may suffer with crippling night terrors and have major fears.

I hope this has been of help.

I can offer shorter consultations for anxiety or other acute conditions, for £25 to include remedies and postage.

Or for more chronic complaints I offer SKYPE or telephone consultations for £50.

You can contact me via my website, email or phone.

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